Pine Island and Matlacha both occupy a
Special Place in 21st Century America

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The Untold Story of Pine Island
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About Pine Island

Pine Island is located about 10 miles west of Cape Coral,and is surrounded by Pine Island Sound
which empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The island is 17 miles long and from 1 to 4 miles wide.
It has no beaches on the Gulf. There are 4 separate communities, all un-incorporated, Bokeelia,
Pineland, St. James City and Matlacha. The residents are from all walks of life, ranging from
those with less than high school education to those with several post graduated degrees.
Homes may be modest manufactured homes or upscale structures.

As of 2014 - there are 5890 total dwellings on Pine Island
Mobile Home, Multi-Family and Single Family Parcels
for your information

The character of Pine Island is largely rural. Primary occupations are still commercial fishing
and service industries (restaurants, grocery stories, banks, pharmacy). There are no theaters,
department stores, big box stores, public transportation facilities or traffic lights.
Although there are several doctors and dentists, there is no hospital or medical testing facility.
There is one school, Pine Island Elementary. Children going to middle and high school must
attend those facilities in Cape Coral or other surrounding communities.

You could almost call Pine Island the "anti-Florida".
No crowded beaches. No high rise condos. No fancy resorts. No sprawling
subdivisions. And for those who live here, it represents all of what Old Florida used to be.
It's more than just an Island; it's a way of life, much as it's been
since the first white settler
Captain John Smith put down his roots here in 1873.

Make no mistake Pine Island is not like Marco Island or Sanibel (link)

. There are no beaches here and the water
around Pine Island and in the sound is tea stained, Pine Island is nothing like the other islands.

For sale signs are everywhere, right now there are 6,700 parcels of land for sale they can't sell.
It's not going to be a developer's haven here that's not going to happen here.
Their having a grandiose scheme dream about money.
If that's what their coming here thinking then their on the wrong Island

Pine Island now has it's own Offical Song

The Greater Pine Island Civic Association voted to make this Pine Island's Offical Song

by Cindy Walsh - August 17 2015

Cindy just released this song she wrote about Pine Island - (it's awesome)

Pine Island has it's very own Singer/Song Writer - Cindy Walsh - she just released The Pine Island Song
Pine Island is very proud to have her, Cindy helps make Pine Island a special place
The Pine Island Song by Cindy Walsh

It's very nice to hear a song about the place where we live

Hit the Play Button    below to hear Cindy's Pine Island Song

You can view Cindy's video and hear her song right
here on You Tube

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Hit the Play Button below to hear Cindy's South Florida Song

Cindy lives on Pine Island

It's the People of Pine Island that make Pine Island a special place  Thank You Cindy Walsh

e-mail:  Cindy

Watch Cindy's Video Here

Pine Island now has it's own Offical Flag.

The Greater Pine Island Civic Association voted to make this Pine Island's Offical Flag

Mel Meo came up with this wonderful design and is the winner of the flag contest - December 2 2015

This "close-knit community" feeling is a powerful lure for transplants, and a hook holding locals.
"They say it takes a village to raise a child," says Mel Meo, who's lived here almost 45 + years.
"But really it takes an island to raise a child."

Mel says: "We live in paradise, so there's no reason to go anywhere else."

Mel's mother was a Native American Indian and was drawn to Pine Island because this is where the
Calusa Indians had lived,
so her parents bought a home here on Pine Island in 1970 and she grew up on Pine Island. Mel is a local artist
and she has an Art Studio named the (Mel Meo Studio) at the only 4 way stop sign on Pine Island behind the Subway Sandwich Shop.

It's the People of Pine Island that make Pine Island a special place  Thank You Mel Meo

Phil Buchanan, Pine Island's environmental watchdog, has died

Phil Buchanan worked to protect and revise the Pine Island Plan, Gene and Ellie Boyd wrote the original plan.

It wasn't just Pine Island that lost a champion when Phil Buchanan died. So did the Caloosahatchee,Pine
Island Firefighters and Tom the Cat at the Stringfellow Road in front of Winn-Dixie.

"Such a tragic loss," said longtime Southwest Florida environmental educator Bill Hammond.
"He's always been an inspiration to me, with his passion and commitment."

Buchanan, 72, was found dead in his Saint James City home Thursday. He had a massive heart attack and hit his head on a yard ornament.

A major lesson of Buchanan's life, Hammond says, is how much one motivated person can accomplish.
Phil Buchanan helped defend and revise Pine Island's original plan, written by Gene and Ellie Boyd in the late 1980s.
Thanks in large part to Buchanan's efforts, Pine Island retains much of its laid-back, low-rise rural character.

Also a board member of the Calusa Land Trust, Buchanan helped the nonprofit buy and preserve environmentally sensitive land.
That meant writing grants, going to endless meetings and chatting up potential donors.

Phil Buchanan was recognized on May 3 2016 for his many years of service
to Pine Island and was given a cane with the

Link about the Key Marco Cat here below.......................................................................................................
Key Marco Cat
   mounted on top of the cane

This was the last picture taken of Phil Buchanan The Key Marco Cat - is a half human,half panther thought
to have religious significance. This 6in figure is a pristine example of the fine CALUSA Indian's Artistry.
This is a near perfect hand carved copy, the original is at the Smithsonian Institution
Phil was somewhat shocked to see The Key Marc Cat on top of the cane.

The Pine Island Plan was started by Dr. Gene Boyd and his wife Ellie
then later Phil took over from there

by Retired Attorney : Phil Buchanan
Phil Buchanon's explanation of Original Pine Island Plan below - 810/910 rule


DOWNLOAD COPY HERE    download word file

Starting back in the late 1980's Dr. Gene Boyd and his wife Ellie, gave their
time and did it for us so we can enjoy what we have today, it's no accident that Pine Island still looks rural..

Dr. Gene Boyd, upon his death in 2003
was hailed by many as the father of smart growth in Lee County.

by  Retired Attorney : Dr. Phil Buchanan
This is one of the biggest reasons why Pine Island's beauty hasn't been destroyed yet.

A 30 year review of the history of the Pine Island Plan : March 18 2015
30 year History of the Pine Island Plan  link

Rest in Peace Phil, there will never be anyone that can replace you.

Rest in Peace Tom - Many of us loved you dearly

We lost Tom on Mother's Day May 8 2016

Tom the Cat

Tom has a friend, this picture was taken at 9:16 p.m. on December 2 2015

Pine Island has the small town feel, people look out for each other
here and I also found out they look out for and love their cats

The people on Pine Island have taken the time to care for the
homeless cats at Winn Dixie's store entrance.

cats mean so much to so many people here on Pine Island. Yes, they all have
been neutered and all have had their rabie shots and they are homeless.

They live at Winn Dixie's store entrance on Stringfellow Rd.

The article below is from our local newspaper called The Pine Island Eagle on May 2 2012

It's the People of Pine Island that make Pine Island a special place  Thank You Edith Schulte

This is Tom and he's one Cool Cat

The Pine Island Museum

It's the People of Pine Island that make Pine Island a special place  Thank You Naomi Brewer and Mike Shevlin

click on picture below to go there

The woman in the video is Naomi Brewer a long time resident of Pine Island.

High Fashion Pine Island Reeboks

These can found at The Island Crab Company on Pine Island - $28.00
They are very well made and are great for working in areas where there are fire ants.

The Island Crab Company
5511 Doug Tayler Circle
St. James City, FL 33956


Mulletwear is available at Mel Meo's studio at the Center

Pine Island is 4 Mayberries
Matlacha - St. James City - Bokeelia - Pineland

It's the People of Pine Island that make Pine Island a special place   Thank You Mel Meo

by Kathy Scott

Another reason Pine Island is a special place

Published on Aug 28, 2014
This video is for anyone not at home who misses Pine Island.
I feel so blessed to be able to make this video because Pine Island is my home - (Video by Kathy Scott)

It's the People of Pine Island that make Pine Island a special place   Thank You Kathy Scott

Meanwhile back at Mama's - by Tim Mcgraw
Watch Kathy's Video

Video about Matlacha

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These Are The 10 Snobbiest Cities In Florida

They looked at 218 cities to find the people in Florida who probably think they're better than you.
We all know a few snobs, it's not a perfect World, but still some people think that it will be become
a perfect World very soon -------------- as soon as they start getting things done the way they want it.

and the more money they have, especially if it's new money
the more control they think they should be gifted with.

This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. So don't freak out.

Sorry, Pine Island you didn't make it on the list.  

Article is here

These Are The 10 Most Redneck Cities in Florida

They added in a few stereotypes? Cause, you know rednecks live in mobile home
parks and they like to hunt, drink, smoke and shoot every known animal that moves.

They shop at Bait Shops, Gun Shops, Walmart and Winn-Dixie.
This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. So don't freak out.

Pine Island didn't make it on this list either.  

Article is here

They say Pine Island is a drinking island with a fish problem.
that could be a good thing

And yes, we are very proud of our Mulletheads too !
The word Mullethead was not meant to be derogatory, it was those hard
working fisherman that helped make Pine Island what it is today and
the word Mullethead is said with respect.

George is almost a lifetime resident of Pine Island and his family
has been here for over 50 years

George did work at the Winn Dixie on Stringfellow Rd. as the Store Manager and has
since has moved on to another job. More about George

It's the People of Pine Island that make Pine Island a special place  Thank You for being you  George Williamson

Red Rosary Prayer Beads
This is one of the most fatal toxins on Earth 

The Rosary Bean or Rosary Pea shrub is a climbing tropical vine with alternately compound leaves and
that can still be found growing in Bokeelia where the Calusa Indian mounds are located today.

These are called Red Rosary Prayer Beads, historical records indicate that Juan Ponce de Leon who "discovered" Florida
in 1513, supposedly while searching for the Fountain of Youth and in the summer of 1521 sustained a wound from an arrow
in a battle with the Calusa Indians on Pine Island, then died in Cuba because of this wound.

Columbus never even set foot on the continent of North America.

This was the poison put on the tip of the Calusa Indian's arrow that killed Ponce de Leon

The-4th-letter-of-Ponce-de-Leon - (A Feature Film)

You'll be entertained, surprised by the outcome and learn some things about the history
of Florida's (Pine Island) that you never knew.

Here is a Quiz---What is Young Water?---- Who discovered it? ---- Why is the color of this water purple?
What year was it discovered?---Where does Young Water come from?---Is Young Water real?

click on picture below to go to web site

The-4th-letter-of-Ponce-de-Leon - Facebook

The Calusa Indians on Pine Island - Who they were

This is where the phrase conched on the head came from
The conch was used as weapon by the Calusa Indians

Sorry, We can't let you in we are afraid you might be religious fanatics
and kill us for not believing in Jesus or you might just be some crazy ass radical Muslims.

But,,,, I'm just a Calusa Indian so what do I know?

Now you can have a permanent reminder of that "Just Another Day in Paradise" feeling.
Or, better yet, share that feeling with someone who is not yet able to live the dream.

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10 Fascinating Facts about Urban Coyotes

By: Jaymi Heimbuch - April 5 2015

Due to sensationalistic reporting many urban residents think all Coyotes are out to eat their dogs or cats
at the first opportunity, this is simply is not the case.

The most common food eaten are rodents. A neighbor very close to me by found a dead rat in her pool one morning,
without our Coyotes we would be over run with rats, the fact is the rats are here and the Coyotes keep them in check.
Don't ever think we need to get rid of our Coyotes that would be a big mistake.

Click on picture below to read this fascinating article

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission needs your
help in protecting the state-threatened gopher tortoise.

Watch a video here about the Gopher Tortoise - You Tube

Watch a video here about the Gopher Tortoise - WMV file

What Pine Island is about you must see this

It's not all about you and your money

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