What you need to know about Pine Island
and the Pine Island Plan

Pine Island is the very last  Florida Island that is not over developed.
Pine Island represents the "last frontier" in searching for the best
of the gulf coast   Old Style Florida  link here

The current legislation called the Pine Island Plan prohibits high density
high-rise development in the foreseeable future . . .designed to preserve
the unique atmosphere and rural island heritage for generations to come
and the Pine Island Plan has now come under attack.

You could almost call Pine Island the "anti-Florida".
No crowded beaches. No high rise condos. No fancy resorts. No sprawling
subdivisions. And for those who live here, it represents all of what Old Florida used to be.
It's more than just an Island; it's a way of life, much as it's been
since the first white settler Captain John Smith (link) put down his roots here in 1873.

This is our web site and it belongs to all of us here on Pine Island
Pine Island needs your help spread the word - http://Pineislandplan.Com

The Untold Story of Pine Island
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Since our web site here was started
on April 13 2015 as of July 23 2016 we have had
9471 visitors have visited us here at    PineIslandPlan.Com
these pages have been viewed 18,035 times

All of us working together here on Pine Island has made this possible


Dear Friends of Pine Island and Matlacha,

As residents of our beautiful Islands, we are surrounded by water.
That water quality is in serious decline, and it is causing problems our eyes can see and our nose can smell.
The water is muddy brown, and is darker and lasts longer than before. That thick plume of yuk invades our
blue-green Gulf waters. Sport and commercial fishing is reduced.

Manatee sightings are down. Shell fish are less. Red tide is more frequent and longer lasting.
Our eyes water and our throats burn. Dead fish and rotting piles of sea weed cover our beaches
more than ever. The smell makes us nauseous. We all have stories of flesh eating bacteria.
We are afraid to swim in the water.

This is a massive problem that has been slowly developing.
It will take a huge dedicated effort and a long time to fix. Some of our local politicians
have been in denial or supported limited action. The time for more action is now.
There is a Primary Election and you can make the difference right now,  read below.

Since this area of Florida is predominantly Republican, many of the political offices don't even have a
Democrat opponent.
However, there are two or more Republican candidates for each of the offices, and one
of them would better serve our interests. Below is the list of political offices, and the candidates who
champion improving our water quality. Please vote for the bold candidates.

Florida State House District 76: ----- Vote for Charles Messina (NPA).
Do not vote for Ray Rodrigues (R).
Charles Messina is not running as a Democratic or Republican Candidate.

Dr.Phil Buchanan endorsed Charles Messina in 2014 when he ran for office
Charles lives on Pine Island

About Charles Messina


This is my FACEBOOK - Please take a look

e-mail me :  charles@voteforcleanwater.com ----- Charles Messina
Charles Messina

   I'm running for Florida's State House of Representatives, District Seat 76 as an NPA. The political
Left/Right nonsense makes accomplishing anything nearly impossible in our current political climate. I wish
to work to protect our environment, provide quality education for our children, to promote sustainable
commerce and to help keep our taxes low while providing superior services to the public.

Like many Floridians, I love the outdoors - Our mild climate, our once pristine beaches and prolific
estuary waters. Our Environment provides the attraction to residents and visitors alike. Mostly all
our commerce here in South Florida is due to our environment. It is what makes our economy thrive.
Hopefully, we could share this beauty with our loved ones for generations to come. Wouldn't that be
grand? Don't you too look forward to sharing this beauty with your own grand children...

With the news that toxic blue-green algae has come to our waterways it's clear those hopes will not
become a reality if unwise powers continue to pollute with reckless abandon. Visitors will not come
or stay for brown water. We've been dealing with this issue for a long time now, but it is happening
"In Season" now and it's absolutely shameful that in 2016 we are just merely talking about this issue.
SFWMD has been ineffective.

I'm running for State Representative, because I cannot sit idly by. We need action that ensures our children
will not inherit a waste land with dead waterways and estuaries, once teaming with all kinds of aquatic life now dying.

In order to solve this water crisis, independent scientist who study such issues agree that buying the land
south of Lake Okeechobee to restore the natural flow of fresh water into the Everglades is a key factor
in correcting the mistakes of the past.

 ( LINK )   With 4.2 million votes, Florida voters approved Amendment 1  ( LINK )  to help solve this problem and to restore the Everglades.
But, our GOP Governor and state legislators squandered the money and have done little to help correct the problem we face.

My opponent Ray Rodrigues has all but ignored the issue and the well publicized solution. I don't ever
remember him speaking of it. Never once mentioning it on his campaign literature or lists of policy he
supports. He added his name to a letter recently, now fearing the voters wrath. Too little to late I would say...

I hope to give this issue a voice in our state legislature and bring all vested parties to the table to hammer
out a plan, moving forward from where we are now. We need a change. We have to make a change occur, for
inaction will end our tourism economy as we know it.

We must send the water south and in order to do that we must have the land needed. We will obtain the land,
either by purchase, or by taking through Eminent Domain as suggested by our Senator, Bill Nelson.
It will be for the public good, there is no question.

To coin a line of a song
" Put Me In Coach, I am Ready to Play." In my own words, "I want the ball."

I hope the good people of Florida State House District 76 see me fit for this task. Pray for my success.
I could use all the help I could get.

Thank you. Charles Messina

Lee County Commissioner District 3: ----- Vote for Dick Anderson (R).
Do not vote for Larry Kiker (R).
No Democrat, but 1 write in will be on November 8th Election Ballot.

Phil Buchanan wanted to see Dick Anderson get elected.

Lee County Commissioner District 5: ----- Vote for Frank Mann (R).
Do not vote for Ken Dobson (R).
No Democrat will be on November 8th Election Ballot.

U.S. Congress District 19: ----- Vote for Chauncey Goss (R).
Do not vote for Francis Rooney (R).
Robert Neeld is a Democrat that will be on November 8th Election Ballot.
But no word on where he stands on the clean water issue.

Florida State Senate District 27: ----- Vote for Jason Maughan (R).
Do not vote for Lizbeth Benacquisto (R).
No Democrat will be on November 8th Election Ballot.

NOTE: In Florida, you must be listed as a REPUBLICAN on your Voter Registration to be able to vote
in the Republican Primary on August 30th. If you are Democrat or INDEPENDENT, you must change your
"Party Affiliation" to vote for the above candidates. This is easy to do, and you may switch back
to the party of your choice before the next National Election. You can do this the same way after the August 30th Primary.

You can also pick up a form to fill out at any library to change your "Party Affiliation" , then just mail it in.

Or go to the Florida Division of Elections Website, click on the link below

Scroll down to paragraph 4: "How to Update Your Voter Registration". Go to instruction; "1.
Fill in your Voter Registration Application online by clicking on the link; (English PDF).
Type the information on the form, and "X" the "Party Affiliation" box, "Republican Party of Florida".
Then print the form, sign, date, stamp and

mail it to: Sharon L. Harrington, Supervisor of Elections
2480 Thompson Street, P.O. Box 2545
Fort Myers, FL 33902

If you are a Snowbird, and are North of Florida, you should request an "Absentee Ballot".
The Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office told me that you can include it in the mailing envelope for your "Update Voter"

Registration form. Type or print a note, "I request an Absentee Ballot to be mailed to me for the
August 30, 2016 Primary Election." Include your name and Summer address, and hand sign and date it.

Technically, the mail in Absentee Ballot Request deadline is July 26. To be safe, you should mail
our "Update Voter Registration Form", if your note requesting an Absentee Ballot by July 19th.

Celabrate Pine Island - Pine Island is Paradise

Phil Buchanan, Pine Island's environmental watchdog, has died

Phil Buchanan worked to protect and revise the Pine Island Plan, Gene and Ellie Boyd wrote the original plan.

It wasn't just Pine Island that lost a champion when Phil Buchanan died. So did the Caloosahatchee,Pine
Island Firefighters and Tom the Cat at the Stringfellow Road in front of Winn-Dixie.

"Such a tragic loss," said longtime Southwest Florida environmental educator Bill Hammond.
"He's always been an inspiration to me, with his passion and commitment."

Buchanan, 72, was found dead in his Saint James City home Thursday. He had a massive heart attack and hit his head on a yard ornament.

A major lesson of Buchanan's life, Hammond says, is how much one motivated person can accomplish.
Phil Buchanan helped defend and revise Pine Island's original plan, written by Gene and Ellie Boyd in the late 1980s.
Thanks in large part to Buchanan's efforts, Pine Island retains much of its laid-back, low-rise rural character.

Also a board member of the Calusa Land Trust, Buchanan helped the nonprofit buy and preserve environmentally sensitive land.
That meant writing grants, going to endless meetings and chatting up potential donors.

Phil Buchanan was recognized on May 3 2016 for his many years of service
to Pine Island and was given a cane with the

Link about the Key Marco Cat here below.......................................................................................................
Key Marco Cat
   mounted on top of the cane

This was the last picture taken of Phil Buchanan The Key Marco Cat - is a half human,half panther thought
to have religious significance. This 6in figure is a pristine example of the fine CALUSA Indian's Artistry.
This is a near perfect hand carved copy, the original is at the Smithsonian Institution
Phil was somewhat shocked to see The Key Marc Cat on top of the cane.

The Pine Island Plan was started by Dr. Gene Boyd and his wife Ellie
then later Phil took over from there

by Retired Attorney : Phil Buchanan
Phil Buchanon's explanation of Original Pine Island Plan below - 810/910 rule


DOWNLOAD COPY HERE    download word file

Starting back in the late 1980's Dr. Gene Boyd and his wife Ellie, gave their
time and did it for us so we can enjoy what we have today, it's no accident that Pine Island still looks rural..

Dr. Gene Boyd, upon his death in 2003
was hailed by many as the father of smart growth in Lee County.

by  Retired Attorney : Phil Buchanan
This is one of the biggest reasons why Pine Island's beauty hasn't been destroyed yet.

A 30 year review of the history of the Pine Island Plan : March 18 2015
30 year History of the Pine Island Plan  link

Cards should be sent here to Phil's wife

Sam Buchanan
3861 Galt Island Rd
St. James City, FL 33956

We need to get Dick Anderson elected to honor Phil's memory.

This was one of the last things Phil Buchanan was working on - lets get this done for Phil

Elect - Richard Anderson to replace Larry Kiker Lee County Commission

This is Dick Anderson's web site

This may be one of the best ways to honor Phil's memory...



Phil Buchanan's untimely death is a tragic loss to our Pine Island
Community. Ray Judah said that, "Phil was a genuine soul and a
relentless guardian of our environment."

There will be several memorials and celebrations of Phil's life, but
until then consider the following invitation. It is for one of last things
Phil was working on with Ray Judah. It is for a fundraiser for Lee
County Commissioner Candidate, Dick Anderson.

Sign, Roger Wood

These are the proposed improvements at the
vacant lot next to the D & D Bait Shop

Pine Island Commercial Project on Pine Island Rd.

This is the property across from where Bank of America use to be.
A supermarket-anchored commercial center located along Pine Island Road.
Retail space and outparcels available for lease or purchase

also a 156 unit condominium community - Orchid Cove at Pine Island

Development Order in hand for a 156 unit condominium community close to future shopping center.
Pristine setting near Pine Island Creek with many units overlooking untouched native habitat.
City water and sewer available. Building Permit ready!

The PowerCorp Web Site - about the new Shopping Center and Condo's on Pine Island Rd.

click on picture

You don't know what you got til it's gone
Paved paradise and put up a parking lot

This is the very best way to get involved.

The Greater Pine Island Civic Association is $10 per year per person, but you can attend meetings for free, the only thing
is you cannot vote on an issue, but It's free to attend.

It won't cost you a thing. You can also get a free newsletter before each meeting with all the
information about what the meeting is going to be about and who will speaking.

This is the very best way to get involved, sign up below.

Subscribe to receive the GPICA NEWSLETTER from
The Greater Pine Island Civic Association

For the last 40 years
It's been all about preserving the unique character of Pine Island .
We have a lot of "friends" of the GPICA; people who are interested in Island events.
Our meetings are open to all. The non-paying attendees cannot vote.

Just fill in the boxes below with your e-maill address and your name and hit subscribe

The purpose of this NEWSLETTER
is to let you know when the meetings are being held by
the Greater Pine Island Civic Association (GPICA) and what the meetings will be about.

If you live on Pine Island you need to know this about Pine Island

from Phil Buchanan

The Pine Island Plan - What all Islanders need to know as of Feb 24 2016
give it a little time to download

Matlacha Bridge protest highlights water issues   - May 15 2016

A handful of residents from Matlacha, Bokeelia, St. James City and Fort Myers took up a spot on the Matlacha Bridge
on Sunday to raise awareness for issues linked to water quality. Those who took part in the peaceful protest that
started around noon swished signs, yelled slogans and offered information on why water quality was important.

 Gabriele Solterra, of St. James City, was adamant that the estuary that is part of Matlacha Pass be kept clean.
"It really helps us all to have clean water. That's what the estuary is for," she said.

Karen Doyle of Fort Myers urges drivers crossing the Matlacha Bridge to honk in support of clean water on Sunday.
(Photo: Michael Braun/The News-Press)

We need your help - there are about 10 different Facebook sites about Pine Island
and everyone visiting these Facebook sites have tons of questions. It's been very
overwhelming we need to bring all of this all under one Facebook site so there will be
less confusion, it's a real mess. Please bring all your questions here to one place
to this Facebook Group called PineIslandPlan  sign up and join here

We have an Executive Board and it already has 125 members.
And our Facebook PineIslandPlan  sign up
and join here  it now has 873  members and still growing.

Make your voice heard - E-Mail the Commissioners
When you email your BOCC
(Board of County Commissioners)

The following formula is suggested:

1.) The first sentence should be polite, but firm.
You should state your objection as clearly as possible.
Do not type in ALL CAPS, this is considered shouting, and don't use foul language.
Do not use "maybe", "perhaps",or "conceivably"; the statement becomes less dynamic.

2.) Your subsequent sentences should present your view on the corrections the commissioner should consider.
These need to be realistic and say something that's within the limits of the commissioner's responsibility.

3.) You should invite the commissioner to correspond his thoughts about your suggestions.
Ask if there is a mailing list you can get on. Ask if there are copies of the documents
he used to come to his conclusion. Ask if you can have access to them.

4.) Close on a positive note, "I know you'll do the right thing..." But include a reminder
that the commissioner is a servant of the people and not special interests.

Your BOCC is elected county-wide, so you vote for all of them.

We are taught that our government is of the people
for the people, and by the people.
But, in order to make this true, we must be the people.
How hard is that?

E-Mail The District Commissioners below

To send an e-mail just click on the name below and give them a call too!
1) ----- dist1@leegov.com ----- John Manning  239-533-2224
2) -- dist2@leegov.com --- Cecil Pendergrass  239-533-2227
3) -------- dist3@leegov.com ------- Larry Kiker  239-533-2223
4) ---- dist4@leegov.com ----- Brian Hamman  239-533-2226
5) ------ dist5@leegov.com ------- Frank Mann  239-533-2225

Pine Island now as of August 17 2015 has it's own offical
and as of December 2 2015 it has it's own offical flag

Made offical and approved by The Greater Pine Island Civic Association

Pine Island now as it's very own Offical Song

Get your own copy of the official PINE ISLAND SONG sold only at the Olde Florida Outpost in St. James City!

Made offical and approved by The Greater Pine Island Civic Association
Pine Island also now has it's very own Offical Flag

All the other stuff is right here