The Plan for

Pine Island

Our vision is to honor and elevate the past, the land, and its people and create an asset that benefits St. Helena Island for generations to come.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to protect, preserve and activate St. Helena Island’s existing cultural and environmental resources.

Our Mission

Pine Island Golf Club (PIGC) intends to build a development that serves as an instrument to help protect and preserve the cultural heritage and community of St. Helena Island while creating opportunities for its citizens. The PIGC development will fuel a mission of philanthropy, cultural and environmental stewardship, and thoughtful community-driven initiatives.

Our Vision

PIGC is embracing a thoughtful, deliberate approach in its design of a land plan and business model that activates a lost piece of property for the benefit of St. Helena and Beaufort County. The conservation development is intentionally designed to be low impact, transient in nature, and an enclosed environment.

The Location

Pine Island is situated on high, sandy bluffs off Dulamo Road and comprises approximately 500 acres abutting Morgan River, Village Creek, and Edding Creek.

Our Plans

The plan for Pine Island has been shaped by these priorities:

Reduce Housing Density

Displace ZERO Residents

Protect Open Space & Green Space


Limit Stress on the Community

Minimal Traffic Increase

No Impact on Schools

Prevent Future "Max-Entitlement" Development

Responsible Stewardship of the Environment

“The owner’s plan is to uncover, preserve and enhance the remarkable history of this property.”

– Larry Rowland, Ph.D., University of South Carolina – Beaufort