The Plan for Pine Island

Pine Island Foundation

Singular Focus.
Long Term Commitment.
Creating Possibilities.

Our plans create an economic engine that allows the Pine Island Foundation to invest in the future of St. Helena.

Operating with one guiding principle — to always give more than is expected — the Pine Island Foundation seeks to ensure that St. Helena has the necessary resources to remain sustainable for future generations of Island residents who can live and prosper within the community their ancestors called home.

The Vision

The Pine Island Foundation will work with leaders to create a long-term strategic plan that:

  • Enhances the quality of life for all St. Helena residents
  • Enhances and promotes education revitalization and programming
  • Encourages and fosters entrepreneurialism
  • Assists in business attraction, expansion, and retention
  • Provides land planning and land retention assistance
  • Provides critical environmental impact assistance
  • Pursues affordable housing opportunities
  • Identifies local infrastructure needs
  • Provides critical financial opportunities

Our Inspiration

What is a “Purpose-Built” Development?

We have been inspired by numerous projects around the world where purpose-built developments have been used as an engine to help local communities thrive. Click the videos below to experience them for yourself.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

– Margaret J. Wheatley