The Plan for Pine Island

The Benefits

The Pine Island Plan has been carefully designed to maintain the high quality of life throughout the region, preserve the environment and create equitable opportunities for all citizens.


Minimal Impact

The nature of our development, a low-density conservation development, will have minimal impact on the local environment, infrastructure, roadways, and schools.

Current Residents

Our development will happen within the boundaries of the Pine Island property and will not displace or disrupt any area residents.

Low Traffic Impact

There will be little difference in traffic, as the majority of our residents and members will be seasonal.

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By respecting the values and traditions of St. Helena Island and the connectivity between the land, water, and people, PIGC is committed to creating a sustainable place to benefit current and future generations.

Heritage Resources

We believe that heritage resources are vital to ethical and sustainable community development, and that is why protecting those resources is at the center of our development planning.

Site Survey

The primary team involved in the Mitchelville Freedom Park completed an extensive archeological and historical site survey, which will serve as the foundation for a long-term stewardship plan for cultural and environmental resources.

Education Programs

We are exploring a variety of Community Education Programs, including traditional archaeology field trips for local students, community-led site tours and presentations, school lesson plans, and interpretive experiences.

Pine Island Foundation

The Pine Island Foundation will utilize committed resources to support community initiatives and programs that protect, uphold and promote the traditions and heritage of St. Helena.

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Job Creation

The project will create 30-70 new permanent jobs as well as seasonal employment opportunities. Preliminary analysis indicates the creation of an additional 280-650 construction jobs and 1,600-3,000 full-time-equivalent jobs through the broader economy.

Local Business Support

We are also committed to supporting local businesses through the goods and services purchased for the property, including but not limited to small-scale farming operations, local artisan goods and crafts, and local restaurant catering programs.

Positive Economic Impact

The project will contribute positively to Beaufort County’s tax base without the need for County services or social services.

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Open Space

Our plans include 400 acres of contiguous open space, with the remainder of the property being developed with an emphasis on retaining natural environments and green space.


A significant portion of the property will be held in a Conservation Easement, leaving most areas undisturbed. We will optimize other areas for habitat and species conservation through the protection of open spaces, thoughtful wildlife corridors, and the promotion of native vegetation and wildlife.

Shoreline Protection

Our plans will protect over 38,000 linear feet (7.5 miles) of deep-water shoreline, providing a safeguard against negative impacts to the surrounding waterways, creeks, rivers, and marshes.

Old Growth Trees

Thoughtful development will ensure that the protection of old-growth trees is prioritized as part of an overall carbon reduction strategy. 

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“Conserved open spaces in Beaufort County enhance property values, infiltrate stormwater, improve air quality, attract visitors to the county, provide recreational opportunities for residents, improve human health, boost economic development, and bolster the farming and defense industries. These amenities support local jobs, increase spending at local businesses, save residents money, and generate local tax revenue.”

— The Trust for Public Land